About Us

Tout prêt Inc. offers fresh fruits and vegetables prepared or transformed just as you need them. Our goal is to always offer flavorful quality products that live up to your expectations. Special needs? No problem, we are ready to develop any product you may think of.

Our Services

Custom Cuts

We offer many different cuts: sticked, sliced, julienned or simply peeled. We also excel in the preparation of great macédoines thanks to our wide choice of cube cuts.

Our limit is your imagination.

Reliable Shipping

All deliveries are made the day after placing an order and may exceptionally be made the same day. All products are processed upon receipt of an order to provide you with unparalleled freshness.

Your Custom Blends

We give you the opportunity to create your custom exclusive blends from your needs and recipes. We only need to know the sizes and cuts for your fruits and vegetables to start preparing your order. Call us!

Our Products


Foods with sweet, sour, fibrous, smooth and soft flavors. The mixtures can only be a fantastic experience.


Often used to accompany main dishes. Let’s give them the prominent place they deserve in our plate!


The different varieties of leaves can be mixed in many different tasteful assemblies.


What could be more refreshing than the fresh nectar of citrus. No one can resist our deliciously fresh juices!

We offer you a 5 week cyclical menu in order to help you eat healthy. This menu is prepared by our Dietetic Technician and takes into account the availability of different fruits and vegetables.

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