Tout prêt Inc.

Tout prêt Inc. was founded in 2011 in Quebec City. The concept of outstanding quality in the processing of fruits and vegetables greatly animated its creators. Undoubtedly, the common vision shared by the three entrepreneurs enabled them to succeed in each step of their adventure. Having started in a small family kitchen, the company now operates in a food factory and has thirty employees. The company serves most of the restaurants and health institutions in the Quebec region and its surroundings. Moreover, since the products are now available to the general public thanks to Tout prêt à domicile, the company continues to expand itself.

Over the past four years, the simple idea of cutting fruits and vegetables has allowed Tout prêt Inc. to take a strong position in the food sector. Its competitive edge you ask? The important variety of fruits and vegetables available which allow all needs to be fulfilled. In fact, the company’s vision is simple: to become the central kitchen for all food services, offering tailor-made quality products. All told, the three founders and their team want to offer healthy, refreshing ready-to-eat foods. A goal which has been kept from day one.

Aliments préparés au Québec

Mission et vision

Our mission is to be the central kitchen for all food services. We specialize in the processing of fresh fruits and vegetables. That is why our vision is to provide quality processed products. Our mission and vision stems from our desire to offer good, healthy, fresh and ready-to-eat foods, and here’s how we work to get there.

  • ✓ By offering next-day deliveries and exceptionally, same-day deliveries.
  • ✓ By producing in respect of food safety standards.
  • ✓ By offering top quality products and the widest range of choices possible.
  • ✓ By offering local products whenever possible.
  • ✓ By giving you the ability to create your exclusive blends from your own recipes or needs.

This is because our philosophy is to transform first quality foods and to insure your complete satisfaction. Your work will be way more effective with the help of Tout prêt Inc. You will receive your fresh fruit and vegetable order the day after your order, any custom blends and cuts included, and will prevent food losses, maximize time efficiency by concentrating on what you do best, all this while saving money and avoiding market price fluctuations as our prices are guaranteed for the year.